Interior Products
Cleveland, Ohio Manufacturing quality custom furniture for over 40 years.


Joe Frisse – (Project Manager / Consultant)
Mr. Frisse is a native Clevelander and Founder of the Interior Products Company. Following the sale of the business to the Boot Island Group, Mr. Frisse has remained with the company to oversee projects as well as to offer ongoing insight drawn from his wealth of experience.

Aaron Gogolin – (Project Manager / Product Manager)
Mr. Gogolin is a native Clevelander and avid environmentalist with over a dozen years experience in the construction and the furniture making industry. In 2004, he founded "Made in Cleveland", a custom cabinetry business and in 2007 co-founded "A Piece of Cleveland" (APOC) in an effort to salvage lumber from condemned homes and repurpose it into new furniture. In 2010, Mr. Gogolin joined forces with Interior Products Co. and collaborated to produce the "Reclaimed Cleveland" product line.
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Christopher "Chase" Horsburgh – (Project Manager)
Mr. Horsburgh melds his experience in customer service with his project management skills to provide start to finish management for the most demanding projects. Of late, Mr. Horsburgh has been focused on integrating reclaimed material into the supply chain in an effort to provide customers with high quality products that are better for the environment. Before joining Interior Products, Mr. Horsburgh served as project manager for Trout Waters Inc. (Jackson, WY), aquatic construction and land development specialists focused on building and improving land and trout habitat throughout Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. His experience prior to Trout Waters Inc. took him to the Caribbean and Alaska, where he worked as a fly fishing guide.
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James "Deej" Lincoln – (President)
Mr. Lincoln is a native Clevelander and is the lead investor with the Boot Island Group in the purchase of the Interior Products Company from founder, Joe Frisse. Mr. Lincoln's background includes project management, media production and manufacturing. He is responsible for strategic management and growth for Interior Products.
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Karen Maczuga – (Office Manager)
Mrs. Maczuga in a native Ohioan and one of the senior staff members at Interior Products. Her responsibilities include ordering, processing and scheduling as well as purchasing. More recently, she has been involved in streamlining the companies accounting as well as improving costing metrics. Her extensive experience makes her both the "glue" and "grease" for the Interior Products machine.
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